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"It's ok to glance at your

past but don't stare at it"

                Otis Felton,MBA


Diversity is not a program or a concept.  Diversity is a reality.  Diversity is you and requires a mental toughness process to examine and manage one’s beliefs to work in and manage a diversity workforce.  Diversity training gives your corporation a competitive edge that allows for greater success in this ever-changing cultural environment.

Mental toughness training is simply behavior modification through a "Facilitated Introspective" process, enabling employees and management to taking control of their thoughts, feelings and attitude before, during and after a performance, especially under pressure.  It is emotional control in performance situations.

As a Diversity Consultant and Mental Toughness Success Development Coach, I am committed to helping corporations identify valuable information that challenges beliefs through affirmative introspection to create positive change when diversity and mental toughness success training are properly embraced, implemented and managed.
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"Managing diiversity requires inclusion and when one feel included they also feel valued."

Otis Felton, MBA

Mental Toughness Secrets #169 
​of the World Class:

"Champions Embrace Diversity"
Steve Siebold​​

​​​"You are where you are as a result of your thinking.

Change your thought behavior and you will change your life"

Otis Felton, MBA

Diversity Training with A

Mental Toughness Process